Title finalized as ‘Ugly Story’ for next movie from Lucky Media

Title finalized as 'Ugly Story' for next movie from Lucky Media
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Bekkam Venugopal, the head of Lucky Media, will be at the forefront of presenting new types of movies to the audience. Bekkem Venugopal, who has produced youthful entertainers like Cinema chupista Mama, Mem Vayasuki Vachhaam, Husharu, liked the story told by debutant director Pranava Swaroop and is producing a romantic thriller with a new banner called Riya Ziya Productions. Nandu, who is well known to everyone, acted as the hero and Avika Gor, who was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie Uyyala Jampala and who won the praise of the Telugu audience with her performance, is playing the lead role in this movie.
Bekkem Venugopal, who has introduced many new directors, is going to introduce a new director named Pranava Swaroop to the Telugu audience through this film. Speaking about this story, Bekkem Venugopal said that this story will keep the audience hooked throughout with the characters. The title of this film was decided as “Ugly Story” was launched today. On this occasion, he told the media that we are planning to release in February 2024.

Actors: Nandu, Avika Gor

Producers: Bekkem Venugopal
Ch. Subhashini
Konda Laxman
Written & Directed by: Pranava Swaroop
Co-Producers: Raaz, Aswwani Srikrisshna
D.O.P : Shrie Saikumaar Daara
Music: Shravan Bharadwaj
Editor: Srikanth Patnaik R
Art: Vithal Kosanam
Lyrics : Bhaskarabatla, Varikuppala Yadagiri, Kadali
Production Executive : Seelam Ramakrishna
P R O : Madhu VR
Designs : Vikram Designs

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